Meditation & Creativity 4/2/14


On Tuesday 4th February the MK Triratna Buddhist Sangha will be meeting up to practice Buddhist Meditation and to try something a little new!

Daniel, an attendee of the group is preparing an art project and has asked us to help out. We will be producing images of what the Buddha means to us by modelling figures using Plasticine in the context of mindful awareness and reflection.

This gives us an opportunity to explore our connection to the archetypal Buddha figures through creative meditation.

Daniel would like to video parts of the evening to contribute to his Arts course. There is an opportunity to opt out of the video if you so wish.

The class will begin at 7.30pm and will include meditation instruction for beginners .

The evening is suitable for newcomers to meditation and no experience in or aptitude for art or sculpting is necessary. All welcome!



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