Tuesday 10th December – Mitra Ceremony


On Tuesday 10th December we will be having a very special meeting.

Not only will it be our last formal meeting of the year, we will also be celebrating with Rob Burgess as he undergoes his Mitra Ceremony.

A Mitra is someone who considers themselves to be a Buddhist and who wishes to explore and deepen their practice in the context of the Triratna Buddhist Community.

Rob will take the Three Refuges (Buddha, Dharma, Sangha) and the 5 Precepts in ethical training.

This is a very special occasion for Rob and a cause for celebration for the whole sangha.

There will be meditation, a short puja (ritual) and the opportunity to give Rob small gifts and cards. Existing Mitras may also use this as an opportunity to re-affirm their Mitra commitments if they wish.

All Welcome.

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