Buddhism and Meditation

Saturday 13th June Practice Day 10.30am – 4pm

We’re having a practice day on Saturday 13th June 2015 at the Friends Metting House in Peterborough (21 Thorpe Road, Crescent Bridge, PE3 6AB). The day will include meditation, discussion and a shared vegetarian lunch (Please bring something to share).

Monday night Buddhism

7pm -9pm Open to newcomers and regulars. Donation basis.

The evening usually begins with a meditation after which we have a tea break. The second part of the evening usually involves a presentation and discussion on a Buddhist theme.

Women’s Open Day

12th July, 10 – 3, led by Amarachandra, Tejasvini and Jan.
Open to all women attending the group in Peterborough
and surroundings who are familiar with the Mindfulness 
of Breathing and the Metta Bhavana meditations.
Come and hear about the inspiring example of a nun
from the Buddha’s time,and other stories from the
Pali Canon. 
Meditation, reading, discussion and puja. 
Bring lunch to share.

Open Day – Meditation

Saturday 19th July


Drop by and meditate with the Triratna Buddhist Group in Peterborough

Free / donation basis (suggested £3)

Contact: pbctriratna@gmail.com

Wednesdays: Drop in Meditation


All welcome

From July 23rd. 2014 (6 weeks)

Contact: pbctriratna@gmail.com

Hard it is to train the mind that goes where it likes
and does what it wants. But a trained mind brings
health and happiness – The Buddha

Monday Buddhism – Regulars

Practice nights including meditation & Buddhism

7pm – 9pm

Monday Buddhism – Tibetan Wheel of Life

27th January for 5 weeks

(For people with experience of Triratna’s system of meditation)

The Wheel of Life is not really a painting but a mirror, giving one successively more profound insights into yourself, and revealing the next step in escaping the endless round.



Monday – Regulars

Explore Buddhist Ethics

A 5 week exploration of Buddhist ethics with meditation

Starting November 11th

Donation basis (suggested donation £7)

Contact: pbctriratna@gmail.com

Mondays – Regulars

Explore the Five Buddha Mandala

7 October – 4 November

Drop in. Suggested donation £7

Contact: pbctriratna@gmail.com

Beginners meditation class


Date: Thursday 19th September 2013 to Thursday 24th October 2013 


Time: 7pm – 9pm 


Cost: £70 / £45 concession


Led by: Sanghapala / Aryavachin 


Description: Meditation provides a way to help you relax, become more focused, develop your relationships, understand yourself better and become wiser and more compassionate. The two meditations introduced in this course are based on those taught by the Buddha to help his followers towards Enlightenment and are the mindfulness of breathing and development of loving-kindness (metta bhavana) meditations.




There are six sessions which usually consist of instruction in meditation; short meditations; semi-formal presentations by the leader(s); discussion time for participants to relate the material to their own experience; and experiential workshop aspects. For the duration of the course, you are encouraged to take up a daily meditation practice of 30 minutes per day.


Payment by cash, cheque or bank draft