Buddhism and Meditation

Saluting the Shrine

At this weeks MK Buddhism & Meditation class , we begun by “Saluting the Shrine”.

This is a traditional practice involving turning towards a Buddhist shrine, placing ones hands in anjali mudra (palms together like in prayer) and chanting:


Namo Buddhaya

Namo Dhammaya

Namo Sanghaya

Namo Nama





This is followed by bowing to the shrine or Buddha image.


The salutation is to the 3 Jewles of Buddhism (Triratna) – The Buddha (the ideal of enlightenment), The Dharma (the Truth Teachings of the Buddha) and the Sangha (The enlightened followers of the Buddha). Namo can be translated as Homage.


In this practice we salute the highest ideals of Buddhism, the highest attainments possible for any being and at the same time recognise their potential in ourselves and each other.


Om Ah Hum. Represents 3 levels of reality – from the most sublime down to the everyday, as well as signifying Body, Speech and Mind. This short mantra puts a “seal” on the salutation, saying: “I mean this with my whole being”.


Here is a clip from Video Sangha of Triratna Order Members Saluting the Shrine at Padmaloka:


Saluting the Shrine at the 2011 Mens-Convention


Here is an audio recording from Free Buddhist Audio of a Puja (Buddhist Ritual). This short recording includes Saluting the Shrine; and the Worship Section and Avalokitesvara Mantra from a 7 Fold Puja:


Saluting the Shrine Worship Section of Puja & Avalokitesvara Mantra