Buddhism and Meditation



It was a lovely morning with sunshine on Saturday of last week when five women members of our Milton Keynes Buddhist group gathered with order members Amarachandra and Tejasvini.


The aim of the gathering was to get the opportunity for women to come together, meditate, evoke Green Tara and find ways to take her in our lives.


The first thing comes first and a lovely shrine with gorgeous pink flowers and lush foliage was built for Buddha and Tara. Everything was set to start. A long and quiet meditation followed, leaving the attendees mindful and connected.



After a well deserved tea break (and lots of chatting) Tejasvini talked about Green Tara, her probable origins, and social and religious meaning. All the women learned about how caring, luscious and abundant as well as brave and daring Tara is. Everyone was surprised how diverse Tara is and after reading the 108 names of Tara, everyone felt identified with at least one of her names. At the end of the talk, everyone felt content and sure that in order to be more complete we need to involve Tara in our lives much more… and how not! Look and enjoy nature is so easy!


The Puja (Buddhist ritual) to Tara at the end of the morning was just beautiful. There was such a beautiful tone of acceptance, of letting go, of surrendering to greatness of life and nature in this Puja. The singing of the mantra was so special, the sweet and honest sound of just women signing (not that men don’t sound honest!!) was evident. Everyone felt so content by the end of the Puja.



Of course we wouldn’t leave with empty stomachs and we had lunch together thanks to the lovely effort of all attendees who brought delicious food to share.


Everyone agreed that this was an occasion that needed to be repeated.