Buddhism and Meditation

Tibetan Wheel of Life (Week 7)

The Milton Keynes Meditation  Association recently concluded it’s study of the Tibetan Wheel of Life.

Having studied all the realms of the Wheel, we appropriately ended in the Human Realm.

Here are the notes from the class:

The Human Realm - Key Features

The Experience

  • A balanced world
  • Includes commerce, social activity, the arts and spiritual activity
  • A realm free from constant domination by mental dispositions such as neurotic craving, envy, hatred, intoxication or numbing ignorance
  • Joy and pain experienced in equal measure
  • A realm of action

The Upside


  • Humans do not have to passively wait for karmic conditions to change
  • Self-awareness and a balanced experience provide the opportunity for humans to act rather than react
  • Ethical and spiritual practice is within reach – right now

The Downside

  • All things are impermanent, our conditions can change and this rare and precious opportunity can be easily lost
  • Life is short and there are many possible distractions

Expressions in the Human Realm

  • A happy healthy human existence, free from the extreme mental states of the other five realms
  • That rare state in which our basic needs are met and we have the opportunity and motivation for spiritual exploration and practice

The Buddha of this Realm & His Symbol

The yellow Buddha called “Lion of the Sakyas” This is our historical Buddha


His symbols are the saffron robe, three ring staff and begging bowl of an Indian religious mendicant

What Needs to be done to make progress in this Realm

Overcome the cause – Ego Pride


The downside of freedom, creativity and personal growth is that we can attribute it to our own ego. We can become inflated and proud of “our” achievements.


How do we Overcome Ego Pride?


Spiritual practice (symbolised by the mendicant) – the development of ethics, meditation and Wisdom.


  • Undermines ego clinging by undermining the notion of a fixed, separate self.
  • Promotes an understanding of a contingent self, conditioned, interconnected and with potential for unlimited growth due to not having any fixed essence whatsoever.

Positive Seeds, Negative Seeds & Buddha Seeds

Positive Seeds (Red) – Good Karma – one third

Negative Seeds (Black) – Bad Karma – one third

Buddha Seeds (Gold) – one third




  • True Humans are characterised by activity based in freedom of choice
  • This is rooted in a healthy pride – a joy in/ or intuition of , our true and unlimited potential. Sometimes called “Buddha Pride”