Buddhism and Meditation

Tibean Wheel of Life (Week4)

Clash of the Titans

This Tuesday the Milton Keynes branch of the Triratna Buddhist Community met up to practice a Buddhist Meditation called the mindfulness of breathing and to carry on our study and discussions around The Tibetan Wheel of Life. The Wheel of Life is a rich symbol containing many Buddhist teachings.

Here are the notes from the class:


The Asura Realm – The Titans


Some Key Features


The Experience

  • A fiercely competitive and aggressive world.
  • Not only warring with the Gods for control of the Wish Granting Tree, but also warring amongst themselves.
  • They form temporary strategic alliances, only to turn on each other.


The Upside


  • There is always potential for change.
  • Any energy can be useful if harnessed in the right way.
  • The Titans are very high energy beings – driven


The Downside


  • Powerful and grotesque war like beings.
  • Male asuras are ugly and muscle bound, the females, are seductive and alluring, causing dissent among the males.
  • Often called the Jealous Gods, they feel belittled by the success of others.
  • They need to feel they are the centre of the universe.


Expressions in the Human Realm


  • Highly driven and competitive types.
  • The world of business, high finance and politics – Titans can be dominate in this realms.
  • The world of sexual seduction and possession.
  • Those drunk on power.
  • People who relate to others in terms of dominance and submission.


The Buddha of this Realm & His Symbol


  • The green coloured Buddha “The Heroic Good One”.
  • His symbol is the sword of Wisdom – cutting through the root delusion.


What Needs to be done to make progress in this Realm


Overcome the cause – ENVY


  • The sword of Wisdom – counteracts the aggression of this realm, meeting fire with fire.
  • Strong medicine – and a very direct path. The sword cuts through delusion giving spiritual insight.


  • Only insight can deliver the spiritual conquests that will fulfill their heart’s desire.


“Though in battle one may conquer many thousands, He who conquers himself is the greatest Victor”. The Buddha



Positive Seeds, Negative Seeds & Buddha Seeds


Positive Seeds (Red) – Good Karma – One third red

Negative Seeds (Black) – Bad Karma – Two thirds black

Buddha Seeds (Gold) – only one single seed



  • The Asura realm offers the least potential for spiritual growth out of all the six realms.


  • This is a very ego centered realm, making it difficult to have regard for others or to make genuine connections with others.


  • It is difficult to learn from others (including spiritual teachings) when you are only interested in taking fruits of others efforts – not in how they gained them or learning how to earning them for ourselves.


  • The Asura realm is dominated by aggression and is very active (misdirected energy).


  • The high energy Asuras have little opportunity for spiritual growth, but a very few of them may harness their energies and have a direct breakthrough into Wisdom.