Buddhism and Meditation

Tibetan Wheel of Life (Week 2)

This week the MK Meditation Association met to practice midnfulness of breathing meditation together and to continue our discussions around The Tibetan Wheel of Life.

Here are the notes from the class:

Wheel of Life Week 2 – The God Realms

Along with the Hell Realm represent a pair of opposites in terms of psychological experience, as do all the realms appearing opposite one another on the wheel.


The (Deva) God Realms – Some Key Features

The Experience

A multi level realm of enjoyment – a  world of light and colour. Beautiful and graceful inhabitants. Highly refined beings, ethereal – deva means “the shining ones”. Whatever you wish for just appears, no need for work or effort. A carefree life of aesthetic pleasure and the arts. Accessible through dhyanic meditation.


The Upside

Highly pleasurable. Freedom from pain and suffering. Extremely long life span.


The Downside

The six lowest god realms still experience some subtle craving for material things (like us).

Intoxicated with their own pleasure they forget the suffering of others and the nature of existence e.g. that all is transient – even this period of pleasure.

Extended periods of happiness strengthen the ego and lead to disinterest in spiritual matters, complacency and a reliance on the benefits of previous good actions – resting on our laurels.


Some Expressions in our Human Experience

The beautiful rich and famous. Some artists. The “A” list.

Those who seem to ooze popularity and self confidence. The young.


The Buddha of this Realm & His Symbol

The white Buddha known as “Powerful One of the 100 Blessings”. He uses a lute to play the song of impermanence.


What Needs to be done to make progress in this Realm

  • Overcome the cause – Ignorance/Delusion i.e. a belief that pleasure is never ending and that we will live forever- there will always be tomorrow to make an effort, meditate, work on our ethics.


  • Reflection on impermanence – old age and death. We need to practice now! Develop Wisdom.


Positive Seeds, Negative Seeds & Buddha Seeds

Positive Seeds (Red) – Good Karma – Lots of these

Negative Seeds (Black) – Bad Karma – None at all

Buddha Seeds (Gold) – Only a very few


A realm without willfully harmful actions. These guys wouldn’t hurt a fly. However, little chance of spiritual growth due to apathy, but not a destination to aim for – a spiritual dead end.