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Support Hungarian Buddhists

This year a nationalist government with racist leanings has been elected with an overwhelming majority. They have rewritten the constitution of Hungary and passed a law that deregisters all but a few mainstream Christian and Jewish religious organisations.

When the Jai Bhim Network (an offshoot of Triratna work with marginalized communities in India) registration lapses at the end of this year, the budget for their schools will be cut in half and they will find it very difficult to continue to provide education to the 1,000 students who study with them.
The work that they are doing is beginning to flourish. Besides the very effective education they offer to Gypsy students who have no other realistic opportunities for education, they are beginning to have a deeper impact on Hungarian Gypsy society.


At the recent census, some 500 or more Gypsies declared themselves to be Buddhists by their affiliation with the Jai Bhim Network. This is a very important step indeed, similar to the mass conversions that took place in India in 1956….

You can help in a very simple and easy way.

Please log on to:

http://www.refuge.hu/  and sign the petition.

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Hungary Dispatches; October 2011 from Subhuti_secretary on Vimeo.