Buddhism and Meditation

Rumi – The Path of Love


This week at the Milton Keynes Meditation Association we were exploring Love! Or love as a spiritual practice or path.

After some mindfulness meditation we read a poem by the 13th Century Sufi mystic and poet – Rumi:


Our bodies, our minds, and even our souls are the abodes of love, not love itself.

Love exists everywhere around us and penetrates everything – it is the treasure of this world, and by its very essence it cannot be kept captive within our own coffers.

True Love exists beyond the people we love.

When we understand this the expectations we place upon others diminish:

We are loved by existence itself, and so we do not need to feel rejected or hurt when a partner or friend isn’t able to love us the way we wish.

When our feelings depend on no one we have attained a high state of realisation –

our love is our own,

our happiness is our own;

we are responsible for the way we feel and there is no longer any need to ask others to provide us with these states.

This is an important step on the path of love:

Link your spirit to love itself,

open your heart to existence,

choose love as your spiritual journey and you will never be disappointed in humans.


We split into groups and discussed the poem, which stimulated some very interesting responses.

Oki spoke about his appreciation of the love inherent in everyday things, such as the care and empathy that goes into repairing roads and putting up crash barriers or designing and building safe aircraft. Without our care for others, we would not have the political will or engineering systems in place to prevent uneccesary injury or death.